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Health Spending Account - HSA BC

Pay-as-you-go extended health benefits plans designed for small businesses

Why Choose a Health Spending Account or HSA in BC?

CRA Approved

Canada Revenue Agency approved to provide medical, dental and vision benefits in a tax efficient manner

Tax Deductible

A corporation can write off 100% of the costs related to its HSA


Employees can choose how, when, and where to spend their 100% tax free allowance


24/7 access to submit claims and view the status via app on iOS & Android

HSA BC: How It Works

Health Spending Accounts are used by employers

to provide Health and/or Dental benefits for employees:


  1. An employee will pay for a medical cost, then submit a claim to be reimbursed tax free

  2. The medical expense can be tax deducted as a business expense

With an HSA, the employer can then save 53.5% in income taxes, all while maximizing employee benefits and reducing employer cost

Plus, there's no need to pre-fund the account nor any annual premiums!

HSA Client Testimonials

Senior Male Doctor



HSA coverage helps pay many medical expenses not covered by provincial health insurance plan such as dental expenses.

Image by Marius Ciocirlan

Daniel. B

IT engineer

Digital platform makes claim easy and fast.

We can claim the expenses 24/7 online by using app, good match with our lifestyles. 

Woman Smiling in Suit

Sarah. L


Pay as you go systems makes medical expenses more reasonable. Also setting up coverage amount for each employees helps me predict expenses easier. 

Do You Qualify For an HSA in BC?


1. You own an incorporated business

2. You have a T4 income

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